Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dear ferocious,tiny,furry,shit-a-lot,disgusting rodents (HAMSTERS)

Dear hamsters (devil's pet)..

you know..we paid a lot of good money to support you with your food,shelter,wood shavings,decorations,your bathing stuff and lastly but not least.. YOUR BATHROOM!! you know what bathrooms are for?? for you to shit in it..(sorry for the words)..yeah..that's right.. soo could you please SHIT in the bathroom instead of at MY HOUSE'S FLOOR..so. i don't have to wipe your SHIT everytime you SHIT..i know you guys are many..but please..how could i stand wiping 12 hamster's SHIT.. that's right..12 butts to produce more shits.. so please..DO NOT HAVE *** AND PRODUCE MORE SHITTING MACHINES.....


this is only half of the shitting machines..yess they may look cute..you know something that's not cute in hamsters?? SHIT!!

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