Wednesday, 8 June 2011

facebook and real world..i pick facebook..^__^

i know mark zuckerberg (is that correct??) anyway..he has created a great social program called facebook.. here's a thing bout FB ..i think we spend to much time on fb instead of studying and stuff.. i am no nerd but studying is important to us cause you know..if u want to online in the got to have money..and money comes from work..and no brain=no work=no money=no fb.. that's how my mind works..that's one conflict..

another one is..sometimes we chat and comment and post and birthday posts..yeah..but in school..SHE don't even bother to look at my face..crap rite.. yeah so much for FRIENDS FOREVER in the chatbox...hope you guys don't be like that bitc*..
this is the bitc*..

thir conflict..we tell everything in our fb ..until in school..we don't even have to hangout or talk..cause we told everything in our this scene..this is how i feel everyday..

well at least..she talks to me..

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